Coraline Laurent

Horse Riding since more than 20 years – Experiences with young horses, stallions, show jumping.

Master in general physiotherapy – ISEK 2015 Haute-Ecole Paul-Henri Spaak

Official Tecartherapy practitioner – technology Winback

Experiences and trainings in post-surgery / post-trauma,
in breath-physio for adults & paediatric, in pre-/post- natale period.

Specialised in Sport physiotherapy

Certificate in Taping, Strapping & Kinesio-Taping UCL – Formation Continue

Official Bodysculptor / Reducim practitioner – Biostimology

Certificate in Manual Lymphatic Drainage DLM ISEK – Leduc

Certificate in Medical Aromatherapy –  Ecole Internationale d’Aromathérapie Baudoux

Equine Physiotherapy – Equiphysio 2016

Official FEI Practice Extern Therapist

SIAA© Horsewear– Founder 2019

Human Dry Needling Top 30 – Forthema 2019

Equine Osteopathy – IFOREC 2020-2023

GRIT Sarl-S – CL Physio-Unit
96– Rue de Luxembourg
L- Bridel
More information  +352 621 521


Trigger Points, Fascia-therapy, Cyriax and Manual Lymphatic Drainage


Pre/post-surgery & trauma


Certificated in Tecartherapy ; non-invasive

Dry Needling

Dry Needling top 30

At home

Human Physiotherapy :

For Equine and Horse riders Follow-up, I am willing to travel upon requests, throughout Luxembourg, Belgium, France and Germany. Other requests – contact me !